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VSPA Emblems: Triple Pirouette!

We want to celebrate the challenging feats our performers have worked so hard to accomplish. Our second VSPA Emblem challenge is to show us that you can do a triple pirouette. This challenge is not to discourage our students who have yet to reach this achievement, but to motivate everyone and highlight the improvements and talent of our students. Check with us regularly for an update to our challenges.

To earn this emblem, you must complete the challenge between Aug 16 and Aug 31:

  1. Take video of yourself doing a triple pirouette in turn out or parallel
  2. Upload the video to instagram and #valverdepa and #triplepirouette
  3. Show the post to the front desk

If you do not have an instagram, a parent/friend may upload the content for you, or you may send your photo/video to brandi@vspa.net and we will upload it on your behalf and you will still receive the emblem!