Tuition is due at the beginning of the month. Tuition received after the 7th is subject to a $10 Late fee. Tuition received after the 14th is subject to an additional $5 late fee. (Total of $15)

Tuition is based on a four-week month. Five-week months will be applied to studio holidays or vacation days. This Excludes Private Lessons

The returned check fee is $25.

Registration fee ($25) is applicable for new students or students returning after prolonged absence of 1 Month.

All private lessons will be paid in advance at the beginning of each month.

It is the responsibility of the student to make-up missed classes within a month from when the absence occurred. Make-up classes may not be taken in the same class in which the absence occurred. Make-up lessons are non-transferable.

Students (or parents) may not be in a classroom without an instructor’s presence or permission.

Only bottled water is allowed in classrooms/studios

Email is VSPA’s main form of mass communication. Add to your address book.  Please read all pertinent communications.

Dress Code & Dance Classroom Etiquette

Download a PDF of our current Dress Code and/or a PDF of our Classroom Etiquette