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Janize Ablaza

Janize Ablaza is a songwriter & multi-instrumentalist who originated from the Philippines and emigrated to the United States at the age of 10. She is an alumni of the pop music program at Citrus College. During her years as a Pop & Jazz vocalist at Citrus, Janize performed a number of live shows with their top Pop Rock ensemble as well as their Big Band Jazz ensemble. Shortly after completing her third year of vocal music study, Janize began writing her own music, formed a band, and started playing live shows all over Southern California. Wanting more music theory training and musicianship skills, Janize then pursued Jazz Guitar & Keyboard skills at Pasadena City College. This strengthened her musical knowledge and application as well as her songwriting. Today she sings, plays guitar, and writes music for a Jazz Rock quartet named ‘Xinxin’. Their music can be listened to on almost all music streaming platforms as well as radio stations like KCRW and KSPC. Aside from rocking out – Janize also teaches music privately. Through her creativity and empathy she provides a safe space for her students to be themselves which allows for a more fluid and rich learning environment.

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