Student Testimonies

"The privilege to perform for people and seeing that they are enjoying the performance by the smiles on their faces builds my confidence and brings me joy." Lindsay Rodriguez , 12

"VSPA people are like my family. Throughout my years at VSPA I've learned more about hard work and perseverance. We are always working hardest to keep getting better." Julia Gonzalez , 14

"'When in doubt, improv it out!' It's okay to make mistakes as long as you fix it the next time." Jackson Sanders , 13

"My favorite VSPA memory is performing at Walt Disney World with my best friends in E3, our performing troupe." Ilana Sherwood , 12

"One of my favorite VSPA memories is when my birthday fell on our Showcase performance. The performers in my dressing room decorated to help me celebrate. I've recently learned at VSPA is to love yourself and who you are as a person." Arielle Poon , 13

"At VSPA I have learned time management. When you go to school, get homework, and have lots of dance classes you need to learn how to get to all of your classes and finish your homework. I am proud that I was able to do my all of my homework and get to my dance classes too." Kylie Sanders , 12

"I recently learned at VSPA that I should keep my friends close because they will always be there for you." Reese Leach , 12

"At VSPA I have learned to play different roles and how to get along with different dancers and choreographers. " Kairah Jibri , 17

"All the teachers are so nice and we have grown into a dance family more than I ever could've dreamed of." Bailey Miranda , 12

"My favorite memory at VSPA is when Ms. Megan told me my jetés are amazing. She said it looks like I'm doing the splits in the air." Sophia Saldivar , 10

"At VSPA I have learned to tap dance. I now like to tap dance almost everywhere!" Kellan Morris , 10

"At VSPA I have learned how to be social and make new friends. My favorite time at VSPA is having lunch with my friends every Saturday between classes. " Malayah Anderson , 13

"One of the things I've learned from VSPA is how to perform with confidence and not be afraid of doing it." Bianca Bantolo , 12

"At VSPA, I have learned that if you don't believe you can do it, you're not going to do it. However, if you push yourself and believe in yourself, you can do anything!" Marianna Rodriguez , 12

"I have learned how to connect with an audience, have grown into a better dancer, and overall better person because of VSPA." Indie Von Martin , 12

"My favorite VSPA memory is the first time E3, our performing troupe, went to perform at Tour de Cure for the American Diabetes Association. I am a Type 1 Diabetic and just the fact that they came out to support me at my event was extremely uplifting. One of the lessons I have learned is that the show must go on!" Annabelle Erickson , 14

"At VSPA I have learned that performing isn't just about how high you can kick your leg or how many turns you can do; It's about putting your heart into that single dance or an entire show. A facial expression or gesture can pull the audience in and convey your message or story. " Jaclyn Murphy , 17

"From VSPA I've learned how to dance, sing, and play the guitar. I have also found amazing friends who make me feel important." Kayla Shearholdt , 13

"Over my 10 years at VSPA, I have learned many dance techniques, perseverance, and how to take corrections and critique." Amanda Halpern , 14

"My favorite memories from VSPA are the experiences we have after the performances. We always celebrate and everyone goes crazy, but in a good way! I've learned that it takes a lot of work to put a show together. When your hard work is put to the test and you are on stage performing, you amaze yourself and you feel a sense of accomplishment!" Natalie Ramos , 15

"I'm learning to watch and listen carefully in ballet (and all my classes) so I can improve." Maya Rustenburg , 11

Parent Testimonies

"My Daughter has been a student at VSPA for nine years. She has learn how creative she can be through dance. She's a child who has struggle at times with shyness and self confidence. VSPA is more than a Dance studio, it's a place my Daughter has learn to Express herself through dance, how to sing her heart out, how to memorize lines and be someone she is not when being an actor. VSPA is a second home, a place where her friends and teachers are, it's our Dance family.
Patricia Solorzano-Miranda

"VSPA has been a true blessing for my kids. They have had the opportunity to grow as performers and people through the arts. My kids love VSPA!! They never want to leave.
Karen Halpern

"In 2009, I happened to Google dance studios near me. I am so grateful Google lead me to VSPA. Over the last 8 years my daughter and I have enjoyed dancing, singing, and laughing at VSPA. It is our home away from home - filled with a love for the arts that is so vital in this world. The Valverde family teaches so much more than dance and music - they help teach our children to be good stewards of the world. " Cat Erickson

"VSPA has enabled our son and daughter to develop a passion for performing arts. They love being able to express themselves and we love watching them grow and improve. We are so, so thankful for Frank and Yesenia Valverde for sharing their talents with our children!
Carrie and Richard Sanders

"My two daughters have been involved with Valverde School of Performing Arts for over four years now. They have grown so much as dancers, singers, and overall performers in that time. They have learned to challenge and push themselves to meet their goals and have developed a confidence in themselves as a result. VSPA is a family environment with teachers that are invested in their students and genuinely care about teaching them in a positive and professional manner. We love VSPA!" Brandy Reeves

"VSPA is our home away from home. My kids and I all take a variety of classes at VSPA. The instructors are outstanding and the administrative staff members are always helpful and kind. We don't know what we'd do without our VSPA family!" Kristin Morris

"Confidence in self and team building skills are traits that are developed. A strong work ethic and commitment to your group is also reflected with rehearsals. All of these things help to shape our kids and prepare them for their future endeavors." Michelle Zomer-Ramos

"We have seen Maya grow in so many areas since she started dancing at age 3 at VSPA. Not only has she learned different styles of dance, she has also learned perseverance, developed a good work ethic, respect for herself, her peers, and all of her teachers. She has gained so much self confidence and just in the last year, stepped out and pushed herself to try new things that she was afraid to do before." Rachel Rustenburg

"Isabella Marie Ruiz has been a dancer at the Valverde School of Performing Arts since she was 4. Her skills have blossomed over the course of these 9 years from all of the talented instructors she has had. Her brother Rocco Ruiz has been dancing with the studio since the age of 6. They both have and continue to enjoy the friendships they have created with their dance family. We as parents value the environment and instruction taught at the studio. Our family looks forward to watching all of the studio kids showcase what they have learned in June each year at the Summer Showcase. I have tears and have to take deep cleansing breaths to control my emotion when watching the performers with the joy I feel at each show and practice.
Thank You for teaching our kids what schools today can't share in the performing arts. It's a talent we must keep alive because the arts are just so important."
Maddalena Ruiz

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