Holiday Impromptu 2020 (Special Edition)

Here are the Important Links you will need for this weeks Holiday Impromptu. To make sure you have all of the information for next week click and review every link:

VSPA Annex: 7888 Cherry Ave Unit E, Fontana, CA 92336

Filming Schedule:

Wellness QuestionnairePlease complete before you arrive and show to the Wellness Screener:

Maps: Drop Off (Green Arrows) / Pick Up (Green & Blue Arrows) / Where To Park (Winco Parking Lot)

Purchase DVD / Blu-Ray & Flowers:

Email with Info

VSPA Calendar Info

Please be on time to your filming time slot. We will email the parent when it’s time to pick up performers after class filming. We will email the email address that we have on file. Please have access to that email address on your phone. It will be cold this week. Performers should wear a jacket to keep warm while they are checking in and check out. There will be limited access to call and ask questions the week of filming. Email questions to

We are very excited to be able to have The Holiday Impromptu this week. Thank you all for your support and your commitment to your performer. Please thank all of your teachers and the volunteers for all of the extra effort and precautions that they are taking to help make this happen. We are taking the safety and health of everyone involved very seriously. It is our top priority. See you This Week!!