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Holiday Impromptu 2021

December 12, 2021 all-day
Highlander Auditorium
850 N San Antonio Ave
CA 91786

Click Here for the Holiday Impromptu flier/schedule

Parking and Drop Off Map

General Seating Tickets are $20 per person – All Ages (0 – 99+).  Babies that would be considered a ‘lap sitter’ will still need a ticket.

All tickets will be sold on-line only.  Tickets will be accessible via your mobile device.  You may print out tickets at home and bring a paper copy for entry as well.  There will not be a Box Office or Will Call at this event.   There will be QR codes the day of the event to purchase tickets when you arrive – subject to availability.

Please arrive 30 minutes before (call time) your Show time.

We will be following our current VSPA COVID protocols at this show:  All audience members aged 2+ Must wear Face Masks at All Times while inside the Auditorium, Please be mindful of others space while in line and while inside the auditorium.  The event will be General Seating with no seating restrictions.

Items to know before you arrive:

~ All living persons will need a ticket to be in the Auditorium.  General Seating

~ No Ticket Refunds

~ All Tickets will be sold on-line only.

~ Arrive at or Before your Call Time. (30 Min before your show time)

~ Map of Parking

Performers will need to wear face masks when they arrive, while they are in the holding areas, and while backstage.  Performers may take their face mask off at a designated area off stage before taking the stage.  Once the performer is done and goes off stage they will put their face masks back on.

We ask that audience members refrain from screaming out their performers name when they are on stage performing.  Each Session is approximately 1 hour long.  We also ask that all audience members enjoy the entirety of the show and not leave once your performer is done performing on stage.  For the safety of the performers we will not release any performer until the end of each Session.

Take more than one class?!  Need to see the Holiday Impromptu Rundown?  CLICK HERE

Need a Quick Change Form? (6 dances or less between dances)  CLICK HERE

To purchase DVDs:

Session 1-3: https://square.link/u/Rw6H0e9u

Sessions 3-5: https://square.link/u/NJ1JYB42

ALL Sessions: https://square.link/u/YCFBgxjn

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