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Showcase Costume Fee Due

February 15, 2022 all-day

Please have costume fees for the Summer Showcase Paid in Full.


The office assumes each student will perform and will be measured, billed and costumed ordered unless a parent advises the office of non-participation or of duplicate costumes.  Each class (except technique classes) will perform in the showcase.  All June Tuition & Account balances must be paid in full prior to the performances.   All students remain backstage and will NOT be released before the end of show.  This is for the performers’ safety, security, and fairness of audience size.


A costume, selected by the teacher, will ordered and paid for by the parents.  We are working very hard to find costumes that are in the $45-65 dollar range.  There are NO REFUNDS.  Costumes need to be PAID in Full by February 15th.  There are no refunds.  The costume companies do not refund our money so we in turn, can not refund cancelled orders.

Teachers began taking measurements starting January 17th in class.  The Costume Manufacturers have sizing guides to help us determine the size recommended by the specific company.  This is not a custom made pice but rather mass produced and may need alterations which the client will be responsible for.  You will also be responsible for securing the designated shoes, tights, and hair styling.

Costume Look Book

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