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Summer Showcase: Totally Awesome 80’s!

June 26, 2021 – June 27, 2021 all-day

Live event for our students and families!

Summer Showcase will take place at the VSPA Annex

7888 E. Cherry Ave. Suite E Fontana, Ca. 92336

  • There will be a $10 participation fee  per performer billed to your June accounts
  • Tickets are $15 for a pair of two per session (must buy the pair) No Ticket Sales at the Door
  • This will be a masked audience event
  • 40 pairs of seats per session
  • Approximately 40 performers per session

How can you find out what Session a class is performing in?! There are two ways:
1. The Online Class Portal you use: Studio Director (next to the class, it states what session the class will be in)2. Call the Front Desk (909) 987-2789 during our class times or EMAIL us for help.

CLICK HERE for a Rundown of the Sessions

Here is  the Show Session Schedule:

Saturday, June 26th
Call/Doors  8:45am  SHOW 1A  9:00 – 9:20am
Call/Doors  9:50am  SHOW 1B  10:05 – 10:25am
Call/Doors  10:55am  SHOW 1C  11:10-11:30am
Call/Doors  12:00pm  SHOW 1D  12:15-12:35pm
Call/Doors  1:05pm  SHOW 2A  1:20-1:40pm
Call/Doors  2:10pm  SHOW 2B  2:25-2:45pm
Call/Doors  3:15pm  SHOW 2C  3:30-3:50pm
Call/Doors  4:20pm  SHOW 3A  4:35-4:55pm
Call/Doors  5:25pm  SHOW 3B  5:40 -6:00pm
Call/Doors  6:30pm  SHOW 3C  6:45-7:05pm
Call/Doors  7:35pm  SHOW 3D  7:50-8:10pm
Call/Doors  8:40pm  Show 3E  8:55 – 9:15pm
Sunday, June 27th
Call/Doors  8:45am  SHOW 4A  9:00 – 9:20am
Call/Doors  9:50am  SHOW 4B  10:05 – 10:25am
Call/Doors  10:55am  SHOW 4C  11:10-11:30am
Call/Doors  12:00pm  SHOW 4D  12:15-12:35pm
Call/Doors  1:05pm  SHOW 5A  1:20-1:40pm
Call/Doors  2:10pm  SHOW 5B  2:25-2:45pm
Call/Doors  3:15pm  SHOW 5C  3:30-3:50pm
Call/Doors  4:20pm  SHOW 5D  4:35-4:55pm
Call/Doors  5:25pm  SHOW 6A  5:40 -6:00pm
Call/Doors  6:30pm  SHOW 6B  6:45-7:05pm
Call/Doors  7:35pm  SHOW 6C  7:50-8:10pm
Call/Doors  8:40pm  Show 6D  8:55 – 9:15pm

Here are a few other details to keep in mind:

  • VSPA Account Balance must be Paid in Full prior to Ticket Purchase
  • 2 Tickets (1 pair) per performer may be purchased in each session in which the performer appears
  • Seats are sold as a pair only
  • General Seating
  • Everyone must wear a mask and are subject to a temperature screening
  • No Food / Drink in the Theater
  • Photography / Videography is Prohibited
  • CLICK HERE for DVD Purchase

A map of the VSPA Annex and Event Logistics went out in a separate email.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office (909) 987-2789 during our regular class hours.  You may also email us for more assistance.  There’s an old show biz saying…”The Show Must Go On!”, and so it shall!  We are excited for you to watch this live event.

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